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Product Warranty

Door Requirements & Exclusions

01. Inspect the door upon deliver. Any defects must be reported before painting or staining. Natural variation in the color or texture of the are not to be considered defects. Floating panels are used in the manufacturing of panel doors to prolongs their life. Inspect all panels before finishing and straighten as required.


02. Check glass for cracks or breakage, Independent Door Company cannot be responsible for damage to glass that is not reported in 12 hours of delivery.


03. Doors must be installed properly in the opening. Units installed out of square will give an appearance of warpage. Warpage shall not be considered a defect unless exceeds ¼ inch in the plane of a stile and ralil door measuring up to 3/0 x 6/8 x 1 ¾ doors that are 3/0 x 8/0 x 1 ¾ are not warranted against warping. To reduce the chance of warping, Independent Door Company recommends a thickness of 2 ¼ for doors wider than 3/0 or taller than 7/0.


04. To enhance the natural beauty of wood, all doors should be sanded with a fine grit sandpaper to remove any scratches or other imperfections in the door.


05. Doors must be finished on all six sides. Unsealed top and bottom edges allow Moisture to penetrate the door and will cause warpage or de lamination.


06. Painted doors must first be coated with an oil-based primer before finishing. Use of Water-based primer will void the warranty. Doors should then be finished with two coats of oil base paint.


07. Stained doors should first be coated with a sanding sealer to control unfavorable reactions to chemicals found in some species of wood. Two coats of exterior grade Polyurethane or spar varnish should be used to finish the door.


08. Avoid dark color finishes. Painting or staining doors a dark color may cause thermal instability, such as warping and/or cracking, and will void the product warranty.


09. Apply a topcoat of finish generously on glazed doors to form a bridge between wood


10. And glass. Apply paint onto glass 1/16” to protect against moisture penetration.

Moulding & Paneling

Independent Door Company prides itself with the purchase of the highest quality building materials.


Independent Door recommends that a partial sample of paneling should be finished before installed to ensure that the desired look will be accomplished.


If paneling, moulding or plywood proved to be found defective, Independent Door Company liability is limited to the replacement of material. We cannot be responsible for labor charges incurred for installation, removal or finishing of the product


525 N. Fifth St., Garland, TX 75040